Our Story

At Coldani Olive Ranch we are literally a "Family Business". Our immediate family along with our spouses and a few little ones is what encompasses our company; handling every aspect from tree to bottle. Growing the olives, processing them into oil, bottling, packaging design, marketing, sales and shipping are just a few of the tasks we split up as a family. When we say we know each and every bottle inside and out, we mean it, and we feel the passion we have to produce a quality extra virgin olive oil resonates in our finished product. All of our olives for Lodi Olive Oil are locally grown; without any pesticides our product is organically and sustainably produced. Our olive oils have consistently medaled in all of the national competitions making us one of the most awarded companies in the nation. Already well known for our Calivirgin product line, our family decided to acquire Lodi Olive Oil in order to continue supplying these delicious olive oils to locals and non-locals alike. We hope you enjoy!